Moving Tips

1. Wardrobe boxes are provided FREE of charge on the day of the move for your use.

2. All the furniture that requires it is wrapped in our own furniture blankets and pads.

3. Clothing can be left in dresser drawers, but please ensure that there are no breakable items in the drawers.

4. Two-drawer file cabinets can remain full but all lateral file cabinets should be emptied as should desk drawers and when moved pens and so can fall out the back of the drawers!

5. Cushions, pillows, jeans, jumpers and bedding etc should be packed in large boxes or heavy duty plastic bags or plastic bins.

6. All jewelry, small electronics and firearms should be packed and moved by the customer. (As per PUC regulations)

7. Boxes or plastic ZippGo bins should be clearly marked with the destination room in your new residence.

8. If there are any fragile items packed, please ensure the box is visibly marked ‘FRAGILE’ for our movers to see.

9. The better you’re prepared the smoother and quicker the move.

10. Keep items that need to be kept in a SPECIAL box/bag for you to move yourself, keys, passports, phones, laptops etc.

11. Any other questions regarding parking permits please don’t hesitate to ask us here, 415.424.2312 or

We will get back to you as quickly as possible. And, if you need one of our experienced crewmembers to come over and do an in-house estimate, just ask!